Mesopotamia Fire Department

Serving the Community since 1977

Station 39 Fire & Rescue
2015 Mesopotamia OX Roast Entertainment

Friday, July 3rd 

  10:00 AM    The Chardon Polka Band

  12:00 PM    Bagpiper Stephen Holter

    1:00 PM    Jungle Terry

    2:30 PM    Take II 

    5:30 PM    Drake Hollow


Saturday, July 4th

10:30 AM      Rock'n'Country Cloggers

12:30 PM      Rock'n'Country Cloggers

  2:00 PM      2 Men & a Campfire

  5:30 PM      Fort Huntsburg Band

Sunday, July 5th

10:00 AM      John Miller Family

  1:00 PM      Jungle Terry

  2:30 PM      Erie Heights Brass Ensemble

  • The Mesopotamia Fireman’s association was founded in 1972 to help raise money and recruit members to form a fire department.  The fire department started with a single truck in 1977 and has grown each year with the addition of great volunteers and equipment to face the challenges of a small rural fire department.
  • The department responds to both fire and medical emergencies.  
  • We are located in Northeast Ohio approximately 50 miles East of Cleveland, OH. 

Mesopotamia Fire Department - #39

8800 State Rout 534

Mesopotamia, OH 44439

Tele: 440-693-4602  Fax: 440-693-4011

For more information, e-mail us at: